Different Ways to Say “Annoying” in English

I went to see a ballet performance in Seoul a few weeks ago. I arrived a little early, so I decided to get something to eat before the show. I went to KFC and there were two lines at the counter. Naturally, I went to the shorter line.

There was an older lady in front of me who was taking a very long time to place an order. She was looking at the menu for more than 3 minutes. Then she asked a question about each item on the menu to the cashier. That probably took another 3 minutes. Then she orders two chicken burgers.

Just when she was about to take out her credit card to pay, she changed her mind and canceled the order. She told the cashier that she is changing the order and asked the cashier more questions about other burgers.

I looked to my left and saw that the other line was moving a lot faster.

I looked back at the lady in front of me. I was getting very impatient and frustrated. I wanted to tell her,


I think it took her about 10 minutes to finally make up her mind. She ordered a corn salad and coke.

She got on my nerves. And here are different ways to say “annoying” in English.

Here are different ways to describe your annoyance in English.

(1) someone or something is annoying

To cause irritation to, troublesome

That guy on the phone is so annoying!

You should stop that habit of yours. It’s really annoying.


(2) to bug someone

To annoy, pester,

Stop bugging me. Leave me alone.

My little sister keeps bugging me when I’m trying to study.

I hope I’m not bugging you, but I want to get this finish today.


(3) to get one’s or someone’s nerves

To irritate or exasperate

She really gets on my nerves.

My mother-in-law really gets on my nerves. She is so bossy and controlling.


(4) a pain in the neck

A bothersome annoying person, nuisance

He is a real pain in the neck.

This menial task is such a pain in the neck.

Don’t invite him to the birth party. He is a pain in the neck. He will ruin your party.


(5) a hassle

Trouble, bother

What a hassle!

It’s too much of a hassle. Please ask someone else to do it.

Could you complete this report by Friday? I hope it’s not too much of a hassle for you.


(6) cumbersome

Burdensome, difficult to handle because of weight or bulk

Do I really have to do these things? This is so cumbersome.

It’s so cumbersome to fill out all these paper just to get a simple medical check.



Don’t be an annoying person.

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