In this podcast, you'll learn about bad habits students do when they speak English. If you avoid these habits, you'll appear more confident and professional.

Bad habit #1:

Showing that you are embarrassed by making a facial expression. I've seen students biting their lower lips or avoiding eye contact.

Solution for #1: 

Don't be embarrassed! If you said a wrong word or in a wrong way, just say,

“Let me rephrase that.”
“Let me say that again.”
“It didn't come out right.”

If someone corrected you, just say,

“Oh yea, that's right.”
“Thanks, that's what I meant.”

Bad habit #2:

Too many filler words. Making a noise before speaking.

Solution for #2:

Reduce or eliminate filler words. If you are using filler words in your native tongue, start using “Well” or “So” instead.

Bad habit #3:

Using too much gestures to compensate for your lack of vocabulary.

Solution for #3:

Control your body gesture. Don't use gesture before you speak. Use gesture as you speak.


Those are some of the bad habits that make you look less professional. Start speaking English confidently!

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    1. thank you Josh. I am 유희대 Cayden. I am on working holiday in Australia studying Enlgish as well. I wanna be an English teacher like you and your videos help me a lot improving my English. Thanks and Have a great day 🙂

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