Don't you hate it when you're in a group and everyone is having fun talking to each other, while you stand there listening to them and not really knowing what to say to join the conversation?
I know that feeling. I'm an introvert and I shy away when I'm in a group. According to this personality test, I'm an INTJ.

This has been an issue for one of my readers. She asks, “How can I participate more at a conference and in a group discussion?” She is an expert in her field and she's good at what she does, but because she has to talk to people in English, it's not easy for her to actively participate in a group discussion.

So here's my answer. In this video, I'll tell you exactly what to say at a conference, or in a professional event so that you can participate more, and let people know about you. Watch the video lesson.

Another reader asks, “How can I speak English more professionally?” Just because you can speak conversational English, doesn't mean you can speak business English immediately. Here are my recommendations and what to do about it. Click on the image below to watch the video lesson.

This is just first two episodes of #AskJoshT series. There will be many more to come. If you have a question for Josh, simply send an email, or ask me a question by tagging #AskJoshT on Facebook, Google+, or Instagram.

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