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Have fun!

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  1. OMG! I was just so surprised at your video with the title of I’m quitting Splash English..Because you haven’t that much post new video.. so I just thought ah…that’s why I didn’t get an alarm from Youtube. You’re one of my most favorite Youtuber. Thank you for staying with us. I am swinging by your this website frequently! Have a great day!

  2. Hello I’m jayes.
    Nice to meet you. I look forward to studying English with pleasure.

  3. Hi, Nice to meet you .
    I am Hee Doo. I hope meet you soon.

  4. I just came across your YouTube channel. I’ve found it very helpful and interesting. Thank you for making quality videos for learning English. I’m just looking forward to your more videos. Take care!

  5. Hello, Josh. This is Jay Kim from Seoul. I want to say thank you so much for mails, videos, and tips in learning English. I work for a palace in Seoul. I could have more chances to have conversations with global visitors thanks to your teaching! Have a nice one and be careful not to catch a cold!

  6. Hello Josh.
    I’ve found your short, simple but very clear lecture while I was googling for a certain vocabulary! I think it’s really helpful! Thanks a ton!

  7. Nice to meet you. I met your video in youtube incidentally. and It was very lucky. I want to improve my english speaking and listening. so I would like to get in touch with you so far. thank you.

  8. Hello! How are you today? I am really thank you for you are coming. I saw you in youtube. That is very very helpful to me. And i want to learn english. Because my fiance is from uzbek. She can speak english. But i can not. I have to learn about a lot of enlish skills. So please can you help me? 수강료가 얼마인지도 알고싶어요

  9. Hi Josh. My name is Ahyoung. I saw you in Youtube and it is very helpful. You are good at three languages. Besides you explain well with fluent Korean. You are great and thank you very much.

  10. Hi, Josh. Thanks for your welcome.I saw your contents in Youtube. And it encouraged me to restart studying English.Thanks again.

  11. Hi I’m Ara. Now I’m voluteering in Peru as phisical therapist. After using Spanish, it’s different to speak English. So I decided to study English every day. I need your help !! Thank you.

  12. Hi! I got to know your Youtube channel few days ago while browsing Youtube. Found that the contents of videos are so useful and believe that they would help me to improve my English skill. I’m eager to learn new expressions and hope to become a half-native English speaker. I’m looking forward to your English tips!

  13. I’ve just found SplashEnglish and Josh after days of Youtube searching. I love the contents and the way Josh delivers them. I feel like I can learn not just English but also right way to communicate in English. I encountered so many awkward moments when I literally translated what I had in my Korean mind, which worked as negatives. Those experiences made me timid not to try to speak in English. Josh’s works will bring a life to my motivation to study English again. I count on you, Josh썜 Thank you so much, Josh!

  14. 안녕하세요 질문이 하나 있어요. 사람 직책앞에는 관사를 사용하지 않나요.
    They appointed him captain of the football team. 이 문장에서 captain 앞에 관사가 왜필요 없는지 궁금해요. 아시는분은 도와주세요.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Sometimes we omit “the” when something is a unique title, or treated like one. To name a few, “president,” “hostess of the party,” or “chief of Supreme Court.” Articles are a bit complex.

  15. I want to learn english~ I look forward to your kind cooperation, josh!

  16. Now I start to study speaking english in earnest. I really really appreciate for your efforts to help all the english learners including me. I’m very motivated because of you, josh! Im looking forward to study with splashengish. Thanks so much

  17. Thanks for all your efforts to inspire ppl, including me. It really helps a lot and all your contents are very motivational. Apprecite it!

  18. 안녕하세요 ^^ 유투브로만 보다가 이메일 신청 해봤습니다^^ 항상많은 도움이 되고있어요 감사합니다 ~!

  19. We like your web Splashenglish it’s fun and good to listen with your korean language voice and English.

  20. Good to see you here in this community. I saw you in youtube video clip and also in tv. I am with you on english learning. Thank you so much.

  21. Your lectures are really useful for me. Thesedays I get used to see your video at the biggining of the day. Thank you at all and hope to see more video on this page!!!

  22. 감사합니다. 유튜브 너무 도움이 많이 되고 있어요! 필기하면서 열심히 듣고 있어요. 앞으로도 잘 부탁드려요.^^

  23. Hello, Josh! good to see you here again! always watching your video on Youtube! Thanks a lot 🙂

  24. Nice to meet you. I saw your video clips at YouTube and I was sure your advice would help me know that I didn’t check before. And I joined your network and would really want to get more useful information and share other things with you. Have a nice week!

  25. 유튜브보고왔는데 혹시 추가영상은 어디서 보나요?

  26. Hello! This is Linda. Nice to meet you. I’m enjoy talking and writing. I really hope so let’s keep in touch. I’m excited to be here. Well, l look forward to hearing from you.

  27. wow… .Thank you so much ! i am really exciting and looking for your mail. in this oppertunity i wanna fixed to granmer and preposition ! it is so hard for me especially preposition t.t so one more thank you Josh !! : )

  28. Hi,, Josh nice to meet -U ^^ My name is JaeMin Whang I’m living in Virginia close to you..

  29. 우선 팟케스트에 강의 하시게 된거 정말 축하드립니다^^항상 유트브로 도움 많이 받고 있어요 너무 도움 많이 되고 항상 응원하겠습니다^^

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