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English Words That Describe Steve Jobs’ Personality


I’ve been reading Steve Job’s biography by Walter Isaacson lately. I’ve been wanting to read this book for a while now, so I finally got my hands on it. And it’s FANTASTIC. Isaacson writes in an engaging narrative style that makes you want to keep reading. I was immediately hooked to the book.

As you may already know, the founder of Apple was no ordinary man. He was brilliant, intense, prickly, and often times the way he treated his friends and employees was terrible. What made the revolution of personal computing possible for Jobs was perhaps in part due to his commitment to perfectionism and self-confidence. He is a fascinating character.

In today’s lesson, we’re going to learn English words and phrases that describe Steve Job’s personality.  [click to read more…]

How to Be Funny in English


Would you like to know how to be funny in English? When I say, “funny,” I don’t mean acting like a clown.

You want to be able to say something witty, so that you can make your friends laugh. When people think you’re funny, you can subtly show that you are smart. I’ll teach you how to make people laugh.

What Is Laughter?

There’s one thing to keep in mind before I teach you jokes or funny things to say to your friends. People laugh when the tension is broken.

When a shy girl goes up on the stage to give a speech, she might cover her mouth and chuckle. That’s because she is subconsciously trying to alleviate her nervousness.

The same thing goes for your everyday humor. People laugh to break the tension.

So when you think of making people laugh, you have to know (1) how to build tension, and (2) break the tension at the right time.

So here’s how to do them.

[click to read more…]

Different Ways to Say “Annoying” in English


I went to see a ballet performance in Seoul a few weeks ago. I arrived a little early, so I decided to get something to eat before the show. I went to KFC and there were two lines at the counter. Naturally, I went to the shorter line.

There was an older lady in front of me who was taking a very long time to place an order. She was looking at the menu for more than 3 minutes. Then she asked a question about each item on the menu to the cashier. That probably took another 3 minutes. Then she orders two chicken burgers.

Just when she was about to take out her credit card to pay, she changed her mind and canceled the order. She told the cashier that she is changing the order and asked the cashier more questions about other burgers.

I looked to my left and saw that the other line was moving a lot faster.

I looked back at the lady in front of me. I was getting very impatient and frustrated. I wanted to tell her,


I think it took her about 10 minutes to finally make up her mind. She ordered a corn salad and coke.

She got on my nerves. And here are different ways to say “annoying” in English.

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Listen to Podcast to Improve Your English


Two weeks ago, I sent a short survey about what students loved about I got a TON of great responses! Some of you even sent me very encouraging words. Thank you!

Here’s a sneak peak of the survey results:


If you haven’t already, you can still take this survey right here:

Today, I have a bunch of mini video lessons for you. In this video, I explain why listening to podcast will help your English skills.

[click to read more…]

How to Get Rid of a Red Eye and Succeed in MBA


If you wake up with a red eye, this is how you get rid of it quickly.

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor and this is not medical advice.

I woke up, took a shower and looked at myself in the mirror.

There was a bloodshot in my left eye. It was bright red and ugly. It’s like there was a strawberry inside my left eye socket. Ugh.

“What the hell?” I yelled at the mirror.

I had an interview in two hours.

As you know, I recently started an “Interview with Josh’s Inner Circle” series. I record a video chat with a native speaker, so that you can watch and listen to our conversation and learn new English phrases. That morning, I had an interview scheduled.

But I had a monstrous red eye. I panicked.

I had three options.

  • Cancel the interview
  • Do an audio-only interview
  • Just do the video interview with the ugly bloodshot eye

I wasn’t going to cancel the interview that was happening in two hours. It’s important that my students see our facial expressions, so I wasn’t going to do the audio-only interview.

So I applied an ice pack on my left eye for two hours while I prepared for the interview.

Using the computer with only the right hand was not easy at first. But soon I got the hang of it. When I was in highschool, I used to play computer games while eating potato chips. I know how to do this.


I looked at myself in the mirror again 5 minutes before the interview. The blooshost was gone! My eye was back to normal.

It seems that the vessels in the sclera (the surface of the white part of the eye) were swollen. The icepack worked!

“To get the hang of something”

It means you learn to do something you don’t understand at first, but you gradually get more comfortable with it. e.g. “You’ll get the hang of Australian accent soon.” “You’ll get the hang of his sense of humor.”

How to Succeed in MBA

In this “Interview with Native Speakers” series, I interview a friend of mine who has gone to an MBA program in the United States. We talk about:

  • How we met
  • How he was able to beat other MBA students in a competition
  • What you should expect from an MBA program

Sign in to watch the video now.

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