Do Uncountable Nouns Need the Article “a” and “the”?

When an uncountable noun describes a general concept, do you need to have an article, “a” and “the” in front of it? Here’s how to decide whether you need to put an article. You don’t need an article When you’re talking about a general concept, omit the article. Example #1 “In economics, inflation is a […]

If You Edit Your Writing, You Should Edit Your Speaking Too

Before you submit an essay to your teacher, or send that email to a business partner, you would proofread your writing to make sure the sentences flow well. The reason we edit and proofread our writing is because we want to make sure our ideas and intent are communicated clearly. We need this editing process because […]

What to say when you get stuck in a conversation in English

You meet a native English speaker. You start speaking and it goes well for the first few minutes. Then at some point, your thoughts become disorganized. You start saying things that don’t make sense, or you get stuck because you can’t find the exact English words or phrases to convey your thoughts. It happens to […]

Happy New Year : What I Learned in 2014

Happy New Year! It’s year 2015. Will this be the best year of your life? I sure do hope so. In this email, I’m going to share two things that I learned in 2014. But before we get to it, are you making this mistake in English? A Happy New Year vs Happy New Year When you greet someone on […]