Sushi Is Delicious


I just came back from a business trip in Japan. Japanese people working in the service industry are interesting. When you ask them questions, they recite an answer that they memorized from a manual. It feels like I’m talking to a robot.I understand that they have to recite the script so […]

He Has a Few Screws Loose

My friend Dave has a few screws loose. No, he is not Frankenstein. He doesn’t have screws in his head. Dave lives in the United States, and it was time for him to fly to Korea. He prepared everything. Clothes, money, and even his favorite video games. He arrived at […]

The Difference: Required Document vs Document Required

Do “required document” and “document required” mean the same thing? Compare the following two sentences. A: “These are the required documents for obtaining a driver’s license.”  B: “These are the documents required to obtain a driver’s license.”  The intent of these sentences are the same. Someone is telling you what […]

I’m a Lazy Bastard


I have many dreams. I want to own a vegan restaurant (“vegan” means no animal product). I also want to write a story about a teenage wizard (I had that idea before J.K. Rowling did). I also want to solve world hunger and stop all wars. Every night after work, […]