I wanted to take a book apart (to take something apart means to disassemble it). I wanted to scan each page, and make it into a digital file.

And then…

I went to Youtube, my primary source of inspiration, and saw a video of a lady microwaving her comic book. She took the comic book out, and started to tear off the pages effortlessly.

Since the heat in the microwave melted the glue on the spine, it was easy for her to tear off the pages.

I tried to do the same. Instead of setting the heating time to 30 seconds, I dialed to 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Then I went to the bathroom.

When I came back to the kitchen, I smelled something burned.

It was my book. My book was burned.

Different Kinds of Mistakes

So I made a stupid mistake. I ruined my book. But you could also make other kinds of mistakes. You could make:

  • stupid mistakes
  • silly mistakes (similar to stupid mistakes, but in less degree)
  • embarrassing mistakes (you feel humiliated)
  • common mistakes (mistakes that people often make)
  • easy mistakes (similar to common mistakes)
  • uninformed mistakes (you made a mistake because you didn’t know)
  • careless mistakes (if you were more careful, you wouldn’t have made the mistake)

I put my book in a microwave oven and burned it. It was a stupid mistake.

How to Respond when Someone Does Stupid/Terrible/Shocking Things

My friend, Sam, went to a school reunion. Most of his old classmates were married and had children. He saw one of his old classmates, Mina, and she had a large belly.

Sam said, “Congratulations! When is the due date?”

Sam thought Mina was pregnant. But Mina wasn’t pregant. She was just a little overweight.

If you were Mina, what would you say to Sam? How would you have felt?

When you see someone doing or saying something that’s stupid, silly, useless, ineffective, or bad, you could respond by saying one of these phrases:

  • “I was dumbfounded by what he just said.”

to be dumbfounded means that you are astonished and surprised. In this case, you are speechless and shaking your head because he said something terrible.

You could also try these phrases:

  • “I was struck dumb by such an unprofessional conduct of the server.”
  • “I’m lost for words by his careless remark.”
  • “I don’t know why the government made the policy that rewards the rich and punishes the poor. It boggles the mind.”
  • “When Michelle heard about what Josh did in public, she rolled her eyes in disbelief.”
  • “Every time I see Josh do that, I just facepalm.”

“Facepalm” is a recently invented word.

Today’s Homework

What mistake have you made before?

Tell your story.

End your story by saying, “It was such a [silly] mistake!”

(Replace the word in [ ] with any adjective that’s appropriate for your story)

Example: “I put my book in a microwave oven and burned it. It was a stupid mistake.”

Your turn.

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