Sushi Is Delicious – Idioms with “Mouth”

I just came back from a business trip in Japan. 

Japanese people working in the service industry are interesting. When you ask them questions, they recite an answer that they memorized from a manual. It feels like I’m talking to a robot.

I understand that they have to recite the script so as not to make any mistakes, but I wish they lighten up sometimes and be more casual and friendly, as supposed to being too polite. 

One thing I love about Japan, is that food is delicious.

I went to this restaurant called Choushimaru. It’s a rotating sushi bar, cheap, and better than average sushi restaurants. 

Sushi is so good! Thinking about it makes my mouth water. 

“Make someone’s mouth water” means the sight or thought of food makes you want to eat it. You know how saliva comes out from your mouth when you think about food you want to eat? That.

Today I’d like to teach you idioms with the word “mouth.”

(1) Melt in someone’s mouth

Fatty tuna sushi (called トロ in Japanese) just melted in my mouth. “Melt in someone’s mouth” means it’s delicious, but in this case it literally melted in my mouth. It was magical. Fatty tuna sushi, “トロ” just melted in my mouth. 

(2) Have a big mouth

Having a big mouth doesn’t mean you eat a lot. It means that someone gossips or tells secrets.

What if someone eats a lot? You could say he or she eats like a pig, or eats like a cow. 

If you eat excessively AND rapidly, then you might say he is a binger. Binge-eating is usually not a very good habit.

(3) Leave a bad taste in one’s mouth

It means to leave a bad feeling or memory with someone. For example, “I left my job because I didn’t like the people there. The way my boss and coworkers treated me left a bad taste in my mouth.” 

What if you want to talk about the real taste in your mouth? You could say something like this, “I get a bad aftertaste after drinking beer. So I usually bring a toothbrush when I go to a bar with my buddies.”

You can use the word, “aftertaste.” And yes, I really do bring a toothbrush to a bar because I don’t like the taste of beer. 

That’s it for today!

Tell me about the best restaurant you’ve ever been to! What did you have there? 

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