Interview with Chris – Why Taiwan Surprised Him and Common English Mistakes You Should Avoid

I'm incredibly excited to have Chris Ternosky to the show!

Chris is an English teacher in Taiwan, and we got to know each other through a Facebook group. We became friends online, and since we were both teachers, we decided to record our conversation and share our experiences with you.

Is it weird to make friends online? You might be surprised. The world is connected more than ever with the help of the Internet, and not only could you make friends online, but you could also get a part-time job, hire an assistant, or even find the partner of your dreams on the internet!

I'll show you how to find an English teacher online down below this post. For now, let me tell you a few things about our conversation.

Topics discussed in this session:

  • Chris's background, and how he ended up in Taiwan
  • Two things that surprised Chris while he was in Taiwan
  • Three interesting things that happened to Josh when he was in Taiwan
  • Common English mistakes Taiwanese and Korean students make when they speak in English
  • Chris's tips for learning English better and faster
  • How Chris develops himself

Today's English Words

entrepreneurshipthe process of starting a business
Josh and Chris are interested in entrepreneurship. 

zero market valuenot useful in the job market
Philosophy major has a zero market value.

no one goes out of their way to help youto do more than necessary; to go above and beyond 
Americans are nice too, but not many people go out of their way to help you. 

Resources Mentioned
a site where you can post personal ads, buy and sell used gadgets, find jobs, roommates, friends, and even teachers

Robert Greene – 48 Laws of Power
Josh and Chris's favorite book that talks about historical accounts of people who used or misused power

Tim Ferriss' Podcast
Tim interviews people who are really good at what they do

Tim Ferriss – Four Hour Workweek
Chris's favorite book about lifestyle design

Jay Abraham, a marketing guru
Josh's favorite teacher of marketing, who also happens to use a wide range of English vocabulary 

Steven Pinker, a Harvard professor and an expert in linguistics and psychology
Josh's favorite professor to learn more about language acquisition and cognitive development – Chris Ternosky's English blog

If you'd like to ask Chris a question or potentially get a private lesson with him through Skype or in-person (he lives in Taiwan), click here to send him a message.


Coming soon!

Your Turn

Did you enjoy the show? Here are 3 things you could do today. Just do one of them, and Chris or I will reply!

  1. Use one of the words from “Today's English Words” and create and write your own sentence. One of us will correct your sentence for you.
  2. Share your favorite book or podcast! What is it, and what do you like it?
  3. Leave a question or comment about the show below.

To your English success!

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    5 comments add yours

    1. It’s the really fun and imformative video.
      I didn’t know that singular and pular is that much important.
      And thanks for sharing tips about effecient way of leaning language.
      I think I need to watch American dramas again.
      Thanks Josh and Chris!

    2. It’s the really fun and imformative video.
      I didn’t know that singular and pular is that much important.
      And thanks for sharing tips about effecient way of leaning language.
      I think I need to watch American drama again.
      Thanks Josh and Chris!

    3. i’ve really enjoyed your interviews.
      it does the tricks.
      for the first time i listened to the interviews that you made, I didn’t understand well because I wasn’t used to listnening. I didn’t give up though.
      I tried to catch many phrases what you and your friends used. it was not easy but it didn’t get me down.
      now, i could almost understand conversation you and your friends had so I am really happy that my english ability has developed by your videos! thanks you so much and merry x-mas in advance.

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