Raising a bilingual child w/ Hyunwoo Sun 바이링구얼 아이 키우기 (선현우 출연)

What does it take to raise your child bilingual in a country where the language is not spoken? Hyunwoo, who resides in Korea, decided to take on this challenge by speaking to his children only in English.

In this video, Josh interviews Hyunwoo Sun about how he is raising his children bilingual (Korean & English).

Hyunwoo Sun is a Korea-born language instructor, TV personnel, and entrepreneur. He speaks Korean, English, Japanese, French, Spanish, and Chinese, among others. He has hosted numerous shows on Korea's largest broadcasting programs such as EBS and Arirang Radio. He now runs TalkToMeInKorean.com, where he teaches Korean online worldwide.

The process [of raising your children bilingual] isn't just for the baby to learn the language. It is for you to actually get used to the idea of speaking other foreign language [to your children]. ~ Hyunwoo

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