How to Improve English Listening Skills

Several students asked me what's the best way to improve listening skills.

I could sell you some textbooks or programs, but I'm not going to do that.

I'll tell you the honest truth. You have to already have established the habit of listening, every day.

Consistency is the key to acquiring any skills.

In other words, it doesn't matter what book or program you use, as long as you keep practicing.

There are no quick tricks to improve your listening skills, but I believe there are FOUR things you should consider when choosing what to listen to.

1. You should be able to understand 80% of the material. Whether you choose to listen to audio program, radio, or podcast, it shouldn't be too difficult. If you understand less than 60%, then you'll get unmotivated. If you understand 100%, you'll quickly lose focus. Try to find the material that's appropriate for your level. Aim for 80%.

2. Choose the topic you're interested in. You have to make sure you keep listening to English every single day. The best way to assure that is to listen to a topic you're interested in – gardening, computer programming, movie review, or cars – it doesn't matter.

3. Find someone whom you want to emulate. If children learn to speak by imitating their parents, then you should learn to speak English by imitating someone whose speaking style you like. Whether you find these people on Youtube, TV, or TED talks, it's important to have an idea of how you want to present yourself in English.

4. Do a little bit of everything. Listen, take notes, read your notes, and talk from memory. You should listen, write, read, and speak. Do a little bit of everything to reinforce what you have just learned.

If you want to find out:

– How to choose which program or podcast to listen to
– How to find the topic of your interest
– How to find the person you want to emulate

Then click the links below. Make sure you read all of them, so that you can get started!

+ How To Learn English Through Imitation

Listening to Podcast to Improve Your English

If you put things into action, I guarantee you'll see improvements.

Get started now!


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