He Has a Few Screws Loose

My friend Dave has a few screws loose. No, he is not Frankenstein. He doesn’t have screws in his head.

Dave lives in the United States, and it was time for him to fly to Korea. He prepared everything. Clothes, money, and even his favorite video games.

He arrived at the airport and went to the ticket counters. Then the lady in the uniform told him,

“Your passport is expired.”

He had to cancel the flight for that day. He went home, applied for a new passport and had to delay his flight to Korea by 2 to 3 weeks.

Other times, he would go out to play soccer and forgets to bring his soccer cleats.

We say, “Dave has a few screws loose.” It means he is a bit silly, odd, and probably not too bright. There is always one or two pieces missing about him.

Similar expressions:

He’s a bit off

He’s not quite all there

A few cards short of a deck

Not the sharpest tool in the shed

Do you know someone who is like this? Do you know someone who is a bit off?

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  1. I had an similar experience with him.
    Actually, I went to the airport 1 day earlier than the day when i had to leave the trip!
    At that time, I was happy because it was 1 day earlier not later!

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